How Surveillance Systems in Your Office can Improve the Productivity of Your Employees

More and more businesses today are opting for security and surveillance systems such as CCTV cameras, not only to prevent occurrences such as theft and vandalism, but also to promote better productivity in the workplace. So how can these surveillance systems contribute to better productivity and efficiency amongst employees? Here’s how.

The importance of surveillance systems

Certain surveys have shown that about 66% of small business enterprise owners believe that video or CCTV camera systems serve as their most important and most vital measure of security. Most business owners will also agree that with surveillance systems such as cameras, they have a better insight into what is going on in their premises.

But it is also understandable if some workers do not appreciate the installation of surveillance systems. For some employees, it’s all well and good to install CCTV systems to avoid external thefts or break-ins – but it’s another matter to install CCTV systems in order to keep an eye on the internal goings-on in the workplace. Although most employees understand that cameras can help identify hazards in security, identify flaws in certain workplace procedures and processes, and even help in incidents such as sexual harassment or bullying, not many are eager to welcome it.

Here’s what you can do

If you are planning to have surveillance systems installed in your workplace, it’s best to be upfront about it. Be honest with your employees and let them know the precise reasons why this surveillance system will be put in place. Explain to your staff how these security CCTV systems can protect them and help them do a better job. The thing about this is that your employees who are honest and trustworthy will not have too much cause for concern, whilst dishonest employees or those who are planning something disagreeable may become discouraged – and even quit.

You should also limit the areas where you place your CCTV and surveillance systems. It goes without saying, for example, that CCTV systems should never be placed in toilets or bathrooms, nor changing areas or pantries and break rooms. Tell your employees where the cameras will be placed, when they will be used, as well as how they will be used. For instance, if you are planning to install cameras in a warehouse, let your employees know that it is to observe work processes and promote enhance safety in the workplace.

CCTV systems have become immensely useful in this day and age. And with the right use and placement, as a security company Plymouth like Titan Security explains, your business can be adequately protected and your employees will become more productive as well.

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Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen