Frequently Asked Questions About Srewfix

Screwfix is named as one of the best eCommerce website shipping company in the international market ground. As it would let the customer to take into account their favorite products through the online service or by booking it by phone. But there are still some of the questions left that you do need to know about the Scewfix.

Important Frequently Asked Questions About Srewfix:

  1. Did you ever forgot your password? If so yes, then in that condition, you would be logging into the page and click on the option, ‘Forgot Your Password’ and then you need to simply enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. If in case you miss out your email address, then you need to contact our English-speaking customer services team by emailing We do believe in resolving the queries and issues of the customers in the course of just 24 hours besides the weekends.
  2. Are you able to view the Ex VAT prices? Yes, you probably can! You would be finding the link as located over the top right of each page. With this option, you would be able to control the prices to be ex-VAT or including VAT. This is one of the most imperative things to consider out.
  3. Do you have the option to amend your order, once it has been submitted? In that case, because of the speed of the order as moving into the distribution center is rather slow. This would not be making you able to amend or cancel any sort of orders once they have been submitted.
  4. Do I have the permission to track your order? In the current condition it is not possible at all. But still, you can contact to the English-speaking Customer Service Team by the email While making the request it is important that you should be providing with your order Reference number as for the quick response.
  5. What is the process or condition of returning an item? Our company is all aimed in providing the service where the product would reach on time and that too in the best condition. But if in case any of the product gets damaged, then you do have the option to make it return back to the company. You just need to simply do the email related to our helpful customer services team as for the purpose of returns. You can take your parcel and return it straight into the local posting office. The top half of the form should be attached to your parcel and the bottom half will also be stamped by the cashier at the post office and kept as your proof of postage.

Please note down all the questions of which we did share above with you and do consider all these queries while you do take into account the services of this company.

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