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ezTalks Meetings Review: An Outstanding Video Conferencing Software

The increasing use of technology in businesses and expansion of workplaces at different locations has compelled businesses to find out as easy way to organize meetings with the colleagues and associates located at different places for the betterment of their organization. The evolution of various video conferencing software options like ezTalks Meetings etc. has encouraged me to write this review. The ezTalks Meetings review provided in this write-up will help you to know about its features and benefits in today’s work environment.

An Overview of ezTalks Meetings:

ezTalks Meetings is a software that can be used as video conferencing tool to meet up all the video meeting and video collaboration needs of your business with the help of its wonderful features. You can organize meetings and teamwork between your remotely located business executives, associates and clients with this software. Some of its useful features are briefly described here under for your consideration.

Main Features of ezTalks Meetings:

  • Quick Accessibility to Meetings:

ezTalks Meetings is a video conferencing software that makes it easy to join an online meeting. Your clients, associates or executives can quickly join the meeting, even without registering with you, whenever you invite them by using this software. In this way, this software becomes more useful especially while expecting the new people to join you, even if they do not want to install this software or register with you. they can click the link and enter their name along with meeting number, when you will invite them for a meeting through email, to join the meeting through ezTalks Meetings.

  • Super HD Quality Audio and Video:

The quality of audio and video is very important feature for smooth running of an online video meeting. ezTalks provides high quality crystal clear audio and video transmissions through the 1920 x 1080 resolutions it offers. But if your bandwidth allows you can also opt for 1280 x 720 resolutions offered by it as sometimes lower resolution can help in transmitting good quality audios and videos online.

You can save lots of time required for travelling to join a meeting with the help of video conference feature of ezTalks Meetings as it also allows sharing various types of files and even screen of your computer with the other participants of the online meeting. They can also take annotations with whiteboard when the files are discussed with them online to help them in making final proposal of a draft.

  • Recording Online Meetings :

The recording of the proceedings of online meetings is necessary for various reasons. It can be used to analyses the meeting proceedings in future or if some of the important members fail to attend the meeting due to any reason or to keep record for future reference. ezTalks Meetings allows you to record such proceeding and the recording gets automatically saved on your PC as you click at Stop button. Then you can save the recorded meetings for further playback.

  • Schedule A Meeting:

Along with other features ezTalks Meetings also allows you to schedule your next online meeting along with inviting the participants for it. It can ensure you to get all the participants in the meeting. Your message will include rough idea about the meeting agenda along with date and time of meeting so that they can get prepared for it in time.

  • Live Text Chat:

Online video conferencing not only allows you to talk with your colleagues face-to-face but also permit live text chatting with anyone or all of them, when required. Suppose you want to send some private text message or URLs to some or anyone of the participants of the meeting, without bothering others, then you can use this software effectively. You can use ezTalks cloud as a chatting tool at such occasions.

  • Control on Settings of Meeting and Participants:

The host of an online meeting has the right of controlling it by allowing or disallowing any of the participants to join it or participate in its proceedings. ezTalks allow the hosts to mute or unmute as well as lock or unlock and even kick off any of the participants, if situation demands. The host can also change the presenter while sharing the screen or files, if required. All these things can help in maintaining the professional status of the meeting.

  • Cost:

Up to 100 participants ezTalks Meetings provides free service for video collaboration with 40 minutes time limitation. It allows you to try all of its features as per your requirement. You can also go for its premium plans that start from $12.99 on monthly or annual basis, which is very reasonable as compared to the facilities provided by it. Or you can contact ezTalks officials with Email for your customized Enterprise plan.

Final Verdict:

After going through the ezTalks Meetings review provided in this write-up it can be concluded easily that it is worthwhile to try this video conferencing service at least for once. You will go on using it forever if its features will satisfy you, regardless of your field of activity. You can use it to meet your loved ones or business related people situated at different locations, nationally to internationally. You can join a meeting organized through ezTalks through any of your devices including iPad, iPhone or android Smartphone. You can join an online meeting from anywhere and at any time and share your views with the help of this video conferencing software.

Along with video conferencing software ezTalks also provides all-in-one video conferencing equipment, ezTalks Onion. ezTalks Onion includes not only a high power camera with 1080p resolution and wide angle 120 degree lens but also but also high class microphone with customized speaker to provide high quality audios and videos to its users.

Thus, it is worthwhile to use video conferencing tool ezTalks Meetings, due to its attractive and effective features as it can make your video meeting as well as video collaboration successful.

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