Benefits of a Local Insurance Agency

When you start to look for insurance it is becoming increasingly common to visit an online insurance agency or even a comparison website.  However, despite public perception; this is not always the best route for you to take.  The local Marlborough insurance agency still has a range of features which can make it a far more attractive option than obtaining online quotes.

Personal Contact

The first, and most obvious, benefit is that you will be speaking to an actual person.  This may not always seem important compared to the convenience of an online quote.  However, in an age of increasing reliance on digital technology dealing with a physical person can provide valuable reassurance regarding how genuine the firm is.  There are many online scams which are designed to get your personal information.  You will know your information is safe if you deal directly with a person at your local insurance agency.

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Knowledge of You

Another plus of visiting your local insurance agency is that they will get to know you.  From, your very first visit they will be able to build up a picture of your needs and lifestyle.  This can help them to get the right quote for you in the shortest possible time with the least amount of hassle for you.  You will not need to remember any passwords to access your online account.  They will have all your details on file and can update them ready for new quotes or adjustments.

Insurance Knowledge & Experience

As well as knowing you, a local insurance agency will have good relationships with a wide number of insurance companies.  This means they will know what deals can be made available to you and, more importantly, how the policies can be tweaked.  When you complete an online quote form you will be given a generic quote based on some assumed facts.  But, your local insurance agency knows the details about you and which insurance companies will find you the most attractive.  They will be able to add or even remove items in order to get exactly the cover you want at the right price.

These options are not usually available online!

It is also worth noting that a local agent will know of the current situation in your locality and any factors which will influence your quote; for better or worse.  They can provide advice on how best to avoid these or even make the most of the local issue.


Thanks to their personal knowledge of you and the insurance companies it is highly likely that a local insurance agency can actually get you a lower price for your insurance.  Yes, it will take slightly longer and you need to visit their office, but the reduction in cost could make this all worthwhile.

It is also advantageous to support your local community as this will help to keep jobs in your area and ensure it remains a thriving town or village.  If people do not support their local facilities there is a real risk of many places becoming like ghost towns; plenty of houses but no facilities do not attract new homeowners!

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