All about Darren keane that you need to know

Darren Keane is one of the most successful international game operators as well as developers who run a famous entertainment related facilities provider company that covers up a large part on the globe.  He is not only dealing with entertainment section but also investing money on opening casinos, bars, restaurants and other things as well in different parts of countries. The company started in 1922 when Michael Boettcher came Russia with one aim i.e. merging international level games to new games that were recently introduced in the market that was affected by USSR. For that, he set up a group of people that worked for using money in order to utilize game related experiences. They also set different casinos and bars in different part of countries for generating more and more wealth.  After doing struggle, hard work, the whole empire was ready but due to some changes of rules, he closed his some casinos, bars and slot halls. After that, he spread his ideas all over the world and now storm international group has become one of the biggest gambling developer companies.

What company is doing now?

Darren Keane Storm International Company launched different types of brands in the market for accomplishing their dreams and setting a new level of gaming in the market. Here are top brands that are launched by the company:-

  • Storm casino: it’s a chain of different slot halls with a cozy look that is becoming famous as well as giving a tough completion to other competitors who is working in same field.
  • Radio city bar and kitchen: it’s an entertainment center that is situated in middle of Moscow. It consists bookmark hall, restaurant and one bar.
  • Shangri la: it is one of the most famous and epic brands in casinos that is not only loved by the people but also created history in 1999 in Moscow.


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